Kent Wessinger

Kent Wessinger’s unique path of life has provided him with amazing experiences, significant relationships around the world, and a broad perspective of life.  Having lived in the rural mountains of Jamaica, next to the sea on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, and on the south shore of St John, U.S. Virgin Islands, his life has been shaped through deep relationships in cultures beyond his upbringing in Atlanta, Georgia.  Recognizing the value that other cultures add to his life, he has had the privilege of spending time in South Africa, Fiji, Costa Rica and a Arawak Indian village in the Amazon Basin of southern Guyana.  Each piece of Kent’s unique journey has collectively grown him as an author, scholar, and educator.


Kent-Wessinger2The Author

Kent Wessinger has published meaningful pieces in monthly publications and across the internet.  He regularly writes for Southern Distinction Magazine, where he shares his thoughts on a wide variety of topics relating to philosophy, man’s quest of self-discovery, and the challenges faced in the reality of life.

Before returning to school to earn his PhD in Sustainability Education, Kent worked at the University of the Virgin Islands on St. Thomas and St John, USVI.  Beginning in 2010, he worked with the institution in various capacities.  On the St. Thomas campus, he taught Philosophy, Mathematics, and served as a technology liaison officer between the faculty and the IT department.  On the island of St. John, Kent served as the UVI program coordinator, which gave him the opportunity to serve on the team that established the St. John campus.

Kent places the highest priority on understanding and developing pathways to sustainable growth for oppressed cultures.  Recognizing that the truest identity is established through ownership and implementation of original ideas, he believes that every culture has the opportunity to realize sustainable growth when allowed to freely access environments of creative practice.  However, when creative practice is strategically suppressed or omitted, inequality and instability abound.  Kent seeks to “Give Life” to cultures, corporations, and houses of worship through his create2elevate foundation.


Bachelors of Science––Kennesaw State University, Business Management.

Masters of Philosophy––Regent University, Renewal Theology.

PhD––Prescott College, Sustainability Education with a research emphasis in creative practice as a viable pathway to sustainable growth and social justice.  Dissertation research; The relationship between creative practice and socioeconomic crisis in the Caribbean.  The research can be read @