Kent Wessinger’s unique path of life has provided him with amazing experiences, significant relationships around the world, and a broad perspective of life. Having lived in the rural mountains of Jamaica, next to the sea on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, and on the south shore of St John, U.S. Virgin Islands; his life has been shaped through deep relationships in cultures beyond his upbringing in Atlanta, Georgia. Recognizing the value that perspectives from other cultures add to his life, he has had the privilege of spending significant time in South Africa, Fiji, Costa Rica and an Arawak Indian village in the Amazon Basin of southern Guyana. Each piece of Kent’s unique journey has collectively grown him as an author, educator, keynote speaker and entrepreneur.

Kent places a high priority on understanding and creating paths of sustainable growth for corporate, organizational, and social cultures. Recognizing that our truest identity is established through the development, ownership and implementation of innovative ideas of value; he believes that every culture has the opportunity to secure sustainable growth when allowed to freely access environments of innovative practice. However, his research emphatically reveals that when environments of entrepreneurship and innovative practice are strategically suppressed or omitted, inequality and instability abound. As a result, Kent seeks to “Give Life” to cultures, corporations and organizations through the tools of growth developed in his create2elevate research lab.


The Author

Millennial Research & Publications

Dr. Wessinger’s comprehensive research on the conflict and influence of millennials on corporate, organizational and cultural structures has received global recognition with nearly 25k participants. Further, the outcomes of the research project have made Kent a highly sought after speaker in the financial services, manufacturing, and organizational sectors. The research was published by c2e Press; Bridges over Ladders: Create a future with millennials or millennials will create a future for you.


Dr. Wessinger needs your HELP! The 1-minute surveys below are the firsthand voice and connection to sustainable growth with millennial employees and customers; therefore, Kent would sincerely appreciate you taking the surveys (links below).

1-minute millennial ONLY survey (Born 1982-2000)

1-minute NON-millennial survey (Born prior to 1982)


Caribbean Research & Publications

The outcomes of Dr. Wessinger’s research on the Caribbean is having a monumental impact on the region. The research was published by Routledge Publishing in London in 2017; The relationship between creative practice and socioeconomic crisis in the Caribbean: A path to sustainable growth.

Creative Practice Cover



In June of 2017, Kent accepted an invitation to give a TEDxTalk based on his Caribbean research. The talk was titled, “Why are people leaving ‘Paradise?’” The event was held on the campus of H. Lavity Stoutt Community College, Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

 Kent’s TEDxTalk on the Caribbean




Ph.D., Prescott College
Sustainability Education with a multidisciplinary emphasis in socio-economic sustainability within developing cultures, corporations, and organizations suffering from workforce migration due to suppressed entrepreneurial environments of innovation development
Sustainability Education Fellowship––2012-2016


M.A., Regent University
Practical Theology
Recipient of the World Leadership Scholarship


B.S., Kennesaw State University
Small Business Management