Ways To Get Motivated

Kent Wessinger motivationWe all want to be motivated and be on top of our game. However, getting started on our upward journey might need a little help. To get the ball rolling, try a few tricks from the experts to get yourself revved up and moving in high gear.

Using Positive Thoughts

They say you can fake it until you make it and every word of that is true. Some people can’t find the energy to get motivated because they have spent years beating up on themselves. The new and exciting you must learn the art of self respect and how to love the one and only you.

Thinking positive thoughts is a good head start. However, when you say the words out loud, something will jump inside your inner self. As you are driving around town, begin to speak out loud and tell yourself all about your wonderful traits. To enhance the exercise further, stand in front of a mirror and lift your wonderful self up to even greater heights. This simple daily routine will give you confidence, competency, and a sense of well-being to get yourself back on track and able to get things done.

The Power Of the Pen

If you want to jump start your daily activities, the power of the pen is your new best friend. Writing things down has an incredible effect to help you accomplish your long and short-term goals. Each night, make a list of everything you wish to accomplish the next day, from waking up time until bedtime. Be realistic in your goals and get busy with item number one first thing in the morning. As you complete each task, cross the entry off your list.

Using this visual aid allows you to track your progress and may excite you to do more. Nothing feels better than being able to cross off another entry and reach the finish line before going to bed. This exercise is ideal for giving you a sense of well-being by flooding your body with endorphins. The brain will quickly crave more of the euphoric feelings created by the satisfaction of a job well done.

Seeking Positive People

One of the most dependable ways to land yourself in to a rut is to be surrounded by negative energy. People who backbite, nag and complain can destroy your inner being. If you do not have local friends that share your positive thoughts, then try seeking out quality people by joining a meeting group, taking a class that motivates you, or finding fast friends online.

As your motivation increases, you will find yourself planning more tasks and setting higher goals. Whether you have a support group to help you or you plan to trail blaze on your own, approaching the finish line to becoming a highly motivated individual will be a race well run.

Fragrance of Life: Make Yours Worth It

Kent Wessinger published an article to Southern Distinction Magazine on May 12, 2015 titled, Fragrance of Life. He explains how our daily decisions determine the fragrance of our characters. We have the option to spread positive energy and help others. This selfless way of living produces the best fragrance, and establishes us as people who choose love over greed. Check out the excerpt below and be sure to read the full article here: Fragrance of Life: Make Yours Worth It

Make no mistake, fragrances of life flow from life! No food group, financial gain, extracurricular activity or success motivates like the adrenaline of life. Nothing brings peace like life. Life inspires, fulfills, aligns, creates and brings clarity. Life is the natural organic addiction. Life is firm footing, a cleansing agent, a comforter and a companion. Life is the real freedom and is the sole gift that eliminates the stench of distress.

The Grandest of All Innovations

Kent Wessinger published an article to Southern Distinction Magazine on May 12, 2015 highlighting a pivotal moment in his life when he was presented with a very clear opportunityt to help his community. It isn’t always easy taking the high road. However, through thoughtful reflection and deep self evaluation, Kent decided that this was the best time to “Give LIFE” and not “suck it up!” Take a look at the excerpt below and be sure to read the full article here: The Grandest of All Innovations

As I battled through the most traumatic season of life, I was presented with an extraordinary opportunity to “give life.” Two years prior, the football league in my rural community had been canceled. Extracurricular opportunities for kids in rural communities are sparse; therefore, to have opportunities squandered by adults seems reprehensible. When the director of the Youth Foundation requested that I start another league, I respectfully declined.

Submersed in self-pity, I justified turning away from the opportunity with excuses like, “too busy, preoccupied and timing not right.” My self-installed blinders were forfeiting the privilege of giving life to a community of kids that longed for a chance to participate.

Southern Distinction: Scars Are Not Bars Article

Kent Wessinger shares an article he wrote for Southern Distinction magazine. A link and excerpt can be found below:

Scars Are Not Bars! 

No one is exempt from decisions that go dreadfully awry; therefore, the response to the scars of the past are life’s most significant decisions. As many can testify, scars can be bars that impede our growth or lessons that establish a beautiful new chapter of life. Choose the response carefully, the decision is greater than the moment; it shapes the generations that follow.

Six years ago, I was feverishly trying to complete my cottage by the sea. Three years of intense labor was quickly becoming a fulfilled dream just after dark on a cool January evening. The completion of the outdoor kitchen would establish my seaside cottage as a true Caribbean residence surrounded by tropical foliage, covered by a large tin roof, and framed with a panoramic view of pristine mountains.